Castles Of Stroggos 1-3 1997
Episode 1 A singleplayer 3-Map unit that's extremely creative with plenty of great action, and excellent use of computer updates. It has a wonderful lay-out and provides a good challenge. Episode 2 You begin in the duct work of a Strogg Mothership which is headed towards Earth as part of the invasion. A creepy atmosphere is set right from the start with great use of colored lighting and ambient sounds. You make your way into the ship, where your mission of recovering a data CD begins. Yride a lift to Deep in the Hold. The high level of attention to detail is continued within, and the challenge is even more brutal and has a creative secret area. The final map is Phase 3. Once more it's very brutal, but at last you will find some much needed health. The architecture in the map is the best of the three, and the layout is once more excellent. Again, you will find some really superb secret areas, and have plenty of fun exploring the level. Episode 3: The Final Objective 6 levels taking place on the Strogg mothership in space that were a year in the making with awesome design, lighting, architecture and brilliant layout. There are awesome new special effects too.
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Download Eps 1-3 (thanks to vicpas) 11MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
included in Quake 2 Super Pack 2 - Download 248MB (uploaded by ModDB)
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