Orbital Gear Night Node 2014

This is a sidescroller shooter where you utilize the gravitation of celestial objects to give your mech momentum through space. Arm your Mech with two of twelve different weapons and destroy your enemies. It features classic multiplayer gameplay with new mechanics and 3D graphics. It has classic deathmatch as the basis for multiplayer pandemonium but it also have a special game mode called Orbital Warfare, a mode where you battle the opposing team with the goal to destroy the opponents base. Victory is ensured either with your mechs weapons or by charging your doomsday weapon with energy cores, collected from fallen enemies. Hone your skills in Orbital Trials, a single-player mode where you must complete a series of timed trials against enemies. Fast paced multiplayer experience, inspired by classic multiplayer games. The gravitation gives it a unique gameplay. Movement are affected as well as many of the weapons are either affected or affect the gravity, giving the gameplay new challenges! Twelve different weapons, all with different effects. Scorch planets with the Kasainami to force your opponent to move, or run them down in close combat with the Gauntlet to name but two. Four different utilities. Set up Turrets and Shields or use the Booster to navigate between planets. Four different looks for your mech. Classic deathmatch and Orbital Warfare where your team fighting against an opposing team with the goal to destroy their home planet. 4-player split screen multiplayer. Get ammunition and health from energy cores, spawned from every opponent destroyed. You can also save them to charge your planets super weapon to destroy the opponents planet once and for all.
Full Demo v1.3.1 241MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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