Hidden Below, The (THB) Soft Enterprises / Kingsoft, Ikarion 1994

You're a private detective who finds a lot of monsters under an old factory. The makers digitised real weapons (and your hand) and by looking at the textures you can see that they were inspired by real- life, not by drawings. Still the graphics don't reach the level set by Doom and are pixelated. There are some puzzles which are not very interesting. Although the levels remind people of System Shock, Hidden Below never reaches the quality of that game or Doom. It features VGA graphics which incorporate varying sized rooms and diagonally-angled walls. It is reputed to be the first PC first-person shooter in which you can look up and down. Sound is 16-bit and includes digitised speech. There are 20 big levels with changing textures, 40 different opponents with individual AI, auto-mapping to activate, and last but not least 14 different weapon systems. Rendered cut scenes aiming to use the full potential of the CD-ROM technology are included. Unusually for the FPS genre, a score is kept and high scores are recorded.
Level Demos (uploaded by Fan Site)
ISO Demo ~18MB (uploaded by bullthorn)
International Uncut ISO Demo ~96MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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