Spheroid From Soy Sauce LLC 2015

This is a shooter in the style of Metroid Prime and Armored Core, Starfox64, and even F-Zero. This game also promises some instances of First Person Shooter 3D Bullet Hell. Wield an arsenal of weapons against the Zinth, from missiles and shotguns to laser blades, shadow cones, reflector shields and more. Guide the 6 Spheroid Heroes to victory in an explosive polygon war. All characters have a unique weapon and super missle! To use a super missile, charge up your weapon till it clicks with left mouse button then hit right mouse button. Each Hero has a unique transformation and ability that happens while standing still. Razer Hero of Heat can jet thrust forward and regenerate armor (Laser Blade). Wraith Hero of Cold transforms into a vampiric stider and shoot twin lasers (Ice Machine Gun). Horizon Hero of Dark transforms into a chopper and can generate shadow clones that you can use to actually attack enemies (Sniper Rifle). Dynamo Hero of Light transforms into a speedy moterbike and can dash through foes (Tripple Plasma Gun). Zephyr Hero of Quantity transforms into an air ship and has the ability of Wide Angle Spread Shot (Shotgun). Brazen Hero of Quality Transforms into a Tank and has the ability to raise a reflector shield (Laser Canon).
Level Demo 104MB (uploaded by Itch.io)
Full Demo 100MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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