In Pursuit Of Greed / Assassinators Mind Shear Software / SoftDisk 1996

A pretty good shareware raycasting 3D shooter (a.k.a 2.5D shooter) where you are a mercenary in the future hired by one gang to take out another gang. It is the year 15432 during the third age of man. Scavenger hunts mean big money for the criminal elite. Covertly recruited by an enigmatic faction of the A.V.C. you are a member of the red hunter elite acquisition squad. Using your needling ship, the Red Hunter, it is your job to wrap through to unsuspecting fringe worlds... plummet from orbit in your drop ship, suppressing noncooperative entities (NOPs) as best you can in order to acquire your primary target items. The size and speed of the drop ship should be sufficient to drive noncooperatives from the drop zone upon impact. In short, if it's moving around, kill it... and if it's not nailed down, steal it. Don't be put off by the first few dull levels, the game gets better in quality as it progresses. It has a random item generator so ammo, health and other items appear in different places when you replay the game. It features music by reknowned demoscene musician Andrew Sega (Necros), including his famous track "Point of Departure". There was a re-release with some possible changes in 1997 as Assassinators. In Dec/2014, the original developer released the game as freeware along with the source code and a partially completed Windows port.
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Level Demo 5Mb ( @
Full Demo 38MB ( @
Full Demo 33MB (uploaded by GamesWin)
ISO Demo ~136MB (upped by Scaryfun)
1997 Assassinators Shareware Episode 1 ISO Demo (thanks to hfric & uploaded by Scaryfun) 49MB
Freeware Version 38MB (uploaded by Red Shadow Software)

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