Jacked Sproing Interactive Media GmbH / Xplosiv 2006

Reminiscent of the classic Road Rash, Jacked is a high-octane arcade motorcycle racer featuring over-the-top combat elements. In Jacked, the world's fastest and hottest motorbikes - including the gas turbine powered Marine Turbine Superbike - can be yours. Race across the USA, from New York to LA, fulfill a variety of missions and steal your enemies' bikes at high speed while they are moving by "jacking" them. Fight your enemies with baseball bats and tazers, flame them with Molotov Cocktails, shoot them off their rides with shotguns or blow them out of the way with frag grenades. When they are stunned you can jack their bikes - at any speed, on the road or in midair. In some missions you can even take your biker gang along to help you out in your endeavors. Jacked features an extensive Single Player Mission Mode that includes a big variety of different Race- and Combat Missions. In the Multiplayer Mode you can challenge a friend to a Race or a Gang Battle on the tracks and bikes unlocked in the Mission Mode.
ISO Demo 641MB (upped by Shattered)
included in 10 PC Games Mega Pack Vol.1 - AlcoholClone DVD ISO Demo 3.33GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo Repack 141MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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