Bullet Heaven 2 Matt Roszak 2015

Dodge hundreds of thousands of beautiful bullets. This is a shoot-em-up spinoff of the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It's a game all about shooting everything that moves, while dodging hundreds of bullets per second. Mesmerizing bullet patterns and tons of cute monsters to shoot in the face. 70 unique levels, including epic boss battles and endless survival levels. 18 awesome musical tracks from Phyrnna (Soundtrack available as Free DLC). Up to 4 players can play in local co-op. Support for mouse, keyboard, or controller controls. 8 playable characters, each with several different weapons and costumes. 3 difficulties: Normal (25% bullets), Hard (50% bullets), and Heavenly (100% bullets). Unlockable cheats and handicaps, which can be used to customize the difficulty further. Tons of achievements, unlockables, and ranks to collect. Lots of juvenile dialogue from the characters and plenty of video game references.
Full Demo 114MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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