Interpose: X-Mas Greetings Twilight Zone Software / Webfoot Technologies 1996

This was a free one-level demo released as a gift by the developers of Interpose. The evil scientist Atnas Sualc has constructed his own Santas and Reindeers. He's on his way to take over Santa's home at the North Pole, and misdirect all the x-mas gifts. Your mission is to stop him before he reaches his goal! It replaces enemies with evil snowmen, crazed deer, squadrons of pastry pigs and flocks of gingerbread men, as well as cunning goblins and you must avoid explosive Christmas decorations. There are different bonuses and accumulating them you can easily invest in the improvement of your ship in the shop. You can get a protective shield, missiles, bombs and additional infantry units turn it into a real killing machine.
Free Game 3.1MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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