Resilience: Wave Survival Jimbob Games 2015

This is a physics based endless wave survival shooter set in an abandoned village, being taken over by alien invaders & zombies. Explore the town to search for guns and ammo to help defeat the enemies, better find food and water too if you want to survive for longer. Key Features: customise gameplay by changing Player & World settings; fully customisable Sky settings with Day/Night cycle; Unique Recoil and Bullet Spread; Physics Based; Scoring System; Hunger & Thirst (can be disabled); Easy, Normal & Hard Difficulty Modes; Slow down time for them Epic Slo-Mo Moments; Weapon Testing Range; Xbox Controller Partial Compatible. Weapons In-Game: Combat Knife, Pistol, Deagle, Magnum, SMG, Silenced SMG, PDW, Pump-Action Shotgun, Auto Shotgun, Bullpup Assault Rifle, LMG, Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, Minigun (Rare to find), Crossbow, RPG (Rare to find), FlameThrower (Rare to find), Uber Combat Knife (Gold, Double ended blade, Flashlight, further strike distance) (Rare to find), Uber LMG (Gold, Zero Recoil & Bullet Spread, High-Capacity Magizine) (Rare to find), Baseball Bat, Pulser (Alien Pistol) (Rare to find), Slugger (Alien Auto Shotgun) (Rare Drop). All Future Content / DLC will be FREE.
ISO Demo 1.16GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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