Battlefield 4: Legacy Operations DICE LA / Electronic Arts 2015

Unleash chaos from land, air, and sea across the new and improved Dragon Valley 2015, included in this free DLC. This new map builds off of the Battlefield 2 classic map, re-imagined both visually and with new gameplay features. Just don't let your guard down. This map's narrow layout, steep hillsides, and five bridges create plenty of opportunities to rain down chaos from above or battle it out in close quarters. Dragon Valley 2015 builds off the fan-favorite map from Battlefield 2, adding more foliage, fitting terrain, increased elevation with higher peaks, cloud layers, and destructible buildings. Massive, adaptive landscape - the map is one of the largest ever in Battlefield 4 and opens up for vehicular mayhem on land, air, and sea. Plus, with five bridges to destroy and repair, you have more ways than ever to annihilate your opponents. Crush your opponents across many modes. Vehicular chaos? Yup. Infantry-only close quarter combat? Count on it. You can wage war in different modes, including Conquest Small, Rush, Obliteration, Conquest Large, Team Death Match, Squad Death Match, Domination, and Gun Master.
Download: None currently available

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