Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast Raven / LucasArts 2002

Kyle Katarn wants to be no more a Jedi and instead wants to go on as a soldier. With an at first harmless-seeming order which he accepts together with his friend Jan Ors, he gets into a whirlpool of events... Outcast is based on a modified Q3 engine which doesn't offer brilliant graphics but does have excellent opponent's animations. At first one plays without Jedi abilities, they are received only later and then they are much better (especially the light sword) than in the first games to carry. The Imperial troops are well done, and the enemies are in plentiful supply. Star Wars fans will be pleased again, nevertheless I am not able to get much enjoyment out of this Jedi Knight game. There are gigantic levels with many opponents, but barely any atmosphere. For example: One comes to a bar, speaks with the barkeeper and after an cutscene all the clients become villains. Afterwards one fights through on the roofs of the town. Also here one meets no civilians, only enemies. Positively there is the appearance of Luke Skywalker, who appears not only in cutscenes but later also actively fights. By the end there are bigger battles in the Jedi school. Also here Outcast is somewhat fun but there are vast dull sections of shooter sequences. This is more for Star Wars fans, for the others there are better alternatives. In April 2013, Raven Software released the source code of the game under GNU GPL v2 license.
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Unique Singleplayer Level Demo ~67MB ( @ FileFront)
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Total Conversions
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Full Demo Movie and speech addon (uploaded by keropi)
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Fan-Made Maps/Mods
ISO Demo ~792MB (upped by otiscrusher)
Source Code
GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.0.0.3 699MB (uploaded by Shattered)
Video Reviews
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