Nordenfelt Black Golem 2014

This is a vertical scrolling steampunk shoot 'em up. It's all about dodging hails of bullets while shredding enemies to pieces. The game is set in an alternative history timeline where steam-powered machines are still the state of the art. Mechanical behemoths are invading the lands, just to get shredded to pieces by you. It's your turn now to shoot your way through masses of obscure vehicles while dodging hails of bullets. Unlock powerful equipment and send those intruders back to hell even faster. Features: good old-school vertical scrolling shooter fun; unlock equipment after each completed level; non-linear gameplay - tackle each level separately as often as you want; rank system - the better you play the harder it gets; bullet grazing - get higher scores by keeping close to enemy bullets; online leaderboard; to date unreleased electrical beam weapons from Nik Tesla ;)
Level Demo 63MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Full Demo v1.1 59MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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