Quantum Break Remedy Entertainment / Microsoft Studios 2016

A dynamic, third-person action game, featuring a science-fiction setting inspired by modern theories about time travel. This title is the first next-gen production from Finnish studio best known for the Max Payne series and Alan Wake. Set in the near future, the story is split into TV-like episodes. The player's point of view alternates between three characters who, as a result of a failed time-travel experiment, gain different time-based abilities. Now, two of them have to fight against the third one to prevent the world, now plagued by strange anomalies resulting from the failed experiment, from ending. The game's impressive visuals are powered by the proprietary Northlight Engine, tailored for the eight generation consoles. The live-acting episodes that play during the game and slightly vary based on player's choices are not included on the game disc. Instead, they are streamed from the Internet, which may present a problem for people with slow Internet connection. While this is the only option for Windows Apps, the Xbox One offers a download of these episodes to avoid the low-bandwidth problem and the game can stream them directly from the hard drive. Originally an XBox One and Windows 10 exclusive in April, it was criticized for technical issues on Win10, so on Sep 29 a Steam version was released that was playable even on Windows 7.
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Live Action TV Series

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