LaserAge Freeform Interactive / Ingava 1999

This is a futuristic "retro" 2D Shooter where the player commands a spacecraft to defend a planet from the enemies. It takes on the form of an old school Space Invaders clone running in crystal clear 24-bit color and 640x480 resolution. They have managed to pack forty-five waves of pure action, 2D shooting into a mere three levels. Each wave involves shooting down a collection of varied spacecraft enemy designed to push your own skills to the limit. These space craft enemies are split into fifteen types with each ship featuring a heavily distinctive look, movement pattern, AI and weaponry. The movement pattern is a feature where the movement of the enemy is in patterns rather than controlled by AI, meaning players can often realize where a ship will be flying to next. It's completely controlled by a mouse with the ship movement relying upon movement of the mouse and firing by a click of the left button. Nine power ups can also be collected and act as powerful additions to your firing arsenal as well as boosting your crafts health by increasing the ships shield capability. It can also be played in both full-screen mode and window mode where the gamer can easily presume playing while multi-tasking with other programs and applications. The Gold version features a new interface and a massive list of bug fixes.
LaserAge Gold - Free Game 5.36MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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