HordeZ Zenz VR 2016

This is about full throttle from start to end immersing you in a classic world of zombies and demons threatening to take over the world. You play the role of an elite force of high-tech mercenaries sent to deal with the demonic incursion spreading across the world. The demonic forces entering the world have taken over the bodies and minds of the population, turning them into mindless slave hordes controlled by powerful demonic entities. New portals to the demonic world are opening at an alarming rate and it's up to you to close them by any means necessary and save what's left of humanity, destroy the rest. The game offers a non-stop carnage experience in full room scale virtual reality. Every shot you make is entirely up to your own aiming skills. Headshots will take out the zombies stone cold so you better be good at it. Blowing up zombies and demons have never been this much fun. A full set of weapons are available like knives,guns, machineguns and grenades will keep the baddies from wrecking your day. Included in the game: 8 levels of zombie blasting in single and multiplayer co-op mode; 5 different weapons of destruction; 6 different monster types; 5 skill levels from beginner to ultimate hardcore player; 4 different end-of-level bosses; 4 different pick ups Leaderboard available; Supports full room scale up to 5x4 feet as well as standing and sitting VR experience.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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