Lost Episodes Of Doom, The Sybex Inc 1995

The Lost Episodes of Doom is a book/disk package. It takes place on the Jovian moons Callisto and Io and Jupiter itself. The 246-page book provides a detailed guide of the 24 new levels with stories that are a crucial element to this game. It was written by Jonathan Mendoza with some notes by both map designers. It seems the United Aerospace Corporation's experiments with inter-dimensional space travel have gone awry. Anomalies, apparent ruptures in the fabric of time/space, were discovered on Jupiter's moons and opened the possibility of instant space travel. The human subjects who dared to jump through are emerging as blood-thirsty killers. But even more disturbing, a host of interdimensional creatures are also materializing in our universe. You are a scientist who tried to warn them but was ignored and now must rely on your former Marine training to battle these enemies and to close the portals. Jupiter's Red Spot also turns out to be the largest gateway to Hell in the entire Solar system.
Download Levels ~1MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Floppy Images ~1.3MB (upped by BDV)
Companion Disk Floppy ~1MB (upped by Dis)
Full Demo 876kb (uploaded by speedracer)

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