Mafia II: The Betrayal of Jimmy 2K Czech / 2K Games 2011

This mission pack has you take on the role of one of the Mafia's enforcers in a number of arcade-style missions awarding good shooting and stunt driving. Players will be able to rack up points and compare scores on new online leaderboards. It was at first an exclusive incentive for PS3 owners to buy Mafia II first hand, coming free with the game. Pre-owned buyers had to buy the DLC from the PSN Store for $9.99. It was only available to buy separately on PC in eastern Europe. Otherewise, you could get it as part of Mafia II: Director's Cut compilation of Mafia II along with the three additional story packs and four cars and clothes packs.
included in Mafia II: Director's Cut ISO Demo 9.60GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Free DLC Addon 267MB (uploaded by GameWatcher)

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