XX: La Breccia [It] No.one Indie team 2012

The Breach is the sequel to the 2011 free game Giovent├╣ Ribelle (Rebel Youth), made to commemorate the 150 years of Italian national unity. Made by a completely different team and released for free in 2012, the sequel constitutes a massive step forward from the poorly received prequel, actually managing to be a semi-professional work that's playable from start to finish, despite being very short. Set in the year 1870, the game puts the player in the role of a lone rifleman, cut off from his platoon and forced to fight his way through the enemy lines in the battle for the conquest of Rome. The player will be able to fire a musket and even take control of a cannon to breach the city walls. It's still being supported, though development has stopped at a fully playable beta phase. There is also a facebook page where they periodically update download links when they become unavailable.
Free Beta v1.3 475MB (uploaded by Delacroix)
Free Beta v1.3 487MB (uploaded by Official Site)
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