Payday 2: The Biker Heist DLC OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio / 505 Games 2016

This is the 34th DLC pack for PAYDAY 2. It comes with a two day Heist, weapons, masks, patterns, materials and 10 new achievements. A two day heist - The Elephant is after something, and Rust is the key to get it. But Quid Pro Quo rules in this dog-eat-dog world, so Rust won't just give it away as a wrapped gift. Instead he seeks some help himself. Lion's Den - Rust's old home. The clubhouse of the OVERKILL MC. And also the location of his precious and, unfortunately dismantled - bike. The PAYDAY gang pays a visit to this rowdy place of illegal activities and beer chugging, where they need to free a certain mechanic. They'll face both angry, betrayed bikers and plenty of cops. As the well known sh*t hits the diesel fueled fan, the PAYDAY gang needs to piece the bike back together and get out. Interception - For the first time ever, Dallas and the rest of the crew are invited to the next level of "fast-paced" action. As Rust sits on information about some precious cargo that's worth more than one can muster, the crew embarks on a little trip. Well onboard you'll get to meet Rust's old biker buds again together with air dropped cops. All moving at 60 mph. SMG: CR 805B - A new secondary SMG which comes with two weapon mods, a long barrel and short barrel, that'll add some much appreciated stability. A brand new, sharp Throwable Axe. Four new masks with their origin in the biker world. Flaming Skull, The Classic, Speed Devil, Road Rage. Four new materials inspired by everything from rubber and gasoline. Music - Two brand new tracks from the one and only Simon Viklund. It comes with six new achievements.
included in Payday 2: Ultimate Edition Repack + All DLC + Fix 25.4GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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