Path of Greatest Resistance, The RealityRig 2016

Early Access, Full Release Date: Feb 17/2017 Mankind was wiped off the Earth, but some escaped off the planet. Now the last remnants of humanity hide in the rocky outer regions of our solar system. Fight back against the Machine Alliance in this made-for-VR shooter. This game currently contains two play styles: a "rails shooter" mode, and an experimental "jog-to-move" mode where the player jogs in place to move forward along the path. Tackle missions or play in "Endless" mode to see how long you can last. Missions are semi-procedurally generated. Each time you play is different. Current early access release only contains 3 missions. Each mission is centered around the same basic semi-procedurally generated map template. The missions primarily differ by which weapons you're given to accomplish them. In the first mission, you get a pistol and a basic sword/machete. In the second mission, you get a pistol and a sword with better shielding capabilities. In the third mission you dual-wield pistols. Expect more missions with different weapons to come as the game is developed further. Sometimes you'll see red crystals. Some of them may do something when you shoot them. If you lose a mission a certain number of times on "Less Difficult Mode," it will unlock a new difficulty level for you to choose: "Least Difficult Mode." In Mission 1, you're only given a basic sword. In Mission 2, your sword has a force-field around it to help shield you from enemy fire. If you're a scoundrel, you can go into "Game Options" and "Cheating Options" to unlock all 3 missions, even without beating the previous missions.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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