Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault 2015 / Electronic Arts 2002

Near the Nazi's henchman you hunt in this game for 8 medallions (however, this is in the actual gameplay of low relevance, nonetheless the reason for the game title). The first missions lead to North Africa, where one prepares for operation "Torch". Moreover it is a matter of destroying different heavy bunkers and of hindering the German air force. While in North Africa, Medal Of Honor has multilayered missions. Constantly something new is offered or at least unique variations. Sometimes one is in a troop on the march and gets into an ambush, sometimes only in twos and sometimes in a jeep. The German soldiers speak good German. Blood is not shown neither in the English nor in the German game versions. This can be "remedied" thanks to Bloodpatches (this doesn't add to the fun of the game in my opinion, though). If one has started the operation Torch successfully it goes into snow-covered Norway and to the sabotage of a U-Boat. Afterwards, one is detached as an experienced and excellent soldier to take part in the invasion of Normandy during D-Day. Besides, near all young recruits without combat experience one might have some experienced soldiers. One lands on Omaha Beach and gets under the barrage of the German defense. Tank barriers as cover is of use as one works his way up with the his colleagues in the front. Not for free, Steven Spielberg oversaw the game and thus has told a similar story to that of James Ryan again. And as in the film one is moved, after gotten over the heroic deeds on Omaha Beach to the hinterland of France. At a storm of thunder and lightning you fight as sniper with other snipers in a small damaged france village, you steal a [german] tiger-tank and destroy another village (what was before in good shape). The close fights in Medal Of Honor are more intensive than with most other shooters, the atmosphere also better. In the last segment it is a matter in wintry Germany in the Fort Pains (great name ....) of destroying big oil reserves. If you succeed, it is not easy to flee the scene. Even if there are no final opponents, one has still to keep on a tight rein the time limit and to avoid traps. Especially the last few meters to the train cost me 10 attempts. If one succeeds to the train, the end is reached suddenly. No hero's celebration awaits you - simply the end and credits roll. There are some scripted events and readable mission-briefings in MOH, otherwise too little is offered in this area. There are no artificial final opponents, I find this positive and in general I like Medal Of Honor better than Return To Castle Wolfwnstein, because it is simply thicker in atmosphere, a little more diverse and has less irritating places. In the normal degree of difficulty I had at no place really appreciable problems, the hardest place was certainly the end, but this is OK. The sound backdrop is done well, although one could have polished the step noises still a little. One does a step and hears 2-3. Indeed this provides from time to time for special adrenalin pushes, but not for more realism. One also has to carry (as in Codename Outbreak) the feeling of a heavy weapon. It clatters and jangles always a little. Altogether MOH is a successful shooter which provides a lot of differences. Military courage is palpable in this case but the game is over in too short a time as in most games (the only exception to me there really and gloriously is Deus Ex). Good players will be able to complete it in the normal degree of difficulty probably in less than 10 hours.

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Singleplayer Demo ~150MB Multiplayer Demo ~134MB ( @ FileFront) Multiplayer Demo Addon Map ~5MB Multiplayer Demo Server Fix ~1MB ( @ FilePlanet)
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Total Conversion & Texture Upgrade
2CD ISO Demo ~1.36GB (upped by Scaryfun)
Fan-Made Maps/Mods
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War Chest Bonus Disk ISO Demo ~497MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Included in: Medal of Honor: 10th Anniversary (2008) 7 DISC ISO Demo ~14.5GB total (upped by Shattered)
included in Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault War Chest (2004) - GOG Digital ISO Demo 2.73GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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