Men Of Valor: Vietnam 2015 / Sierra Ent. 2004

From the makers of Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault, this is a historical first-person shooter that portrays infantry combat during the Vietnam War and uses a highly-modified Unreal Engine 2. It transports the player to the humid jungles of Southeast Asia in the most controversial conflict of the modern era. The storyline follows the player through the major actions in the conflict, from search and destroy missions around Danang airbase to the Tet offensive and the counterattack on Hue. A cast of AI controlled characters accompanies the player through the missions, and he learns their value and mourns their loss as the war progresses. The main character is an African-American grunt, which leads to some earnest lessons about racism in between the shooting. Along with the "advance from point A to point B" levels, there are some defensive missions and some on-rails events in both boats and choppers. Multiplayer features six different game types for up to 24 players. These include standard deathmatch and team deathmatch and two capture-the-flag variants. There's also a "mission" mode that generally requires one team to defend some object while the other team attempts to destroy it, and "Frontline," which is a capture-and-hold game. Multiplayer modes allow the player to experience the war from the perspective of North Vietnamese Army or Viet Cong guerillas as well as US Forces.
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2-map Multiplayer Demo ~328MB / Singleplayer Demo ~434MB ( @ GameFront)
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4CD ISO Demo 2.92GB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
AlcoholClone 4CD ISO Demo (A120%) 2.55GB (uploaded by Shattered)

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