SDS Stardivers [J] Cybelle 1997

The human race begins from the pilot academy of colonial planets to the era ...... story spread its colonial place universe. After mankind's first War of the Worlds, which was founded galactic cosmic federal government was forced to submission to the government not recognize the autonomy of each planet. However, declared its independence from the outlying star systems is government for freedom, the war again in the space around the beginning, war went gradually expanding. Followed by a stalemate in the front around the country, both the forces that fell to lack personnel, recruit pilot of humanoid mobile weapons from the private sector. Burning with hostility, or young pilot candidates who volunteered with the aim of hero. Young people, after having gained a long drill a pilot academy, will be deployed to the local battle in each planet. Of the "struggle", ... it remains do not know the true meaning.
Japanese ISO Demo 96.9MB (uploaded by myloch)

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