V-Wing Sebastian Aaltonen / Simo Siiria 1997

This is one of the best "cavefliers" games ever made. Cavefliers is an action sub-genre that was very popular in Finland in the early 1990s, inspiring many authors to release shareware and freeware cavefliers of their own. The idea behind the game is the same as in every other caveflier: maneuver a small ship in tight caverns, blasting other ships to smithereens with a formidable arsenal weapons while fighting gravity and being careful not to hit the terrain. The ships human players (including you) control in the game are called 'V-Wings,' while those controlled by the computer are called 'H-Wings.' Your ship comes equipped with a standard gun and a secondary weapon which can be changed at the start of every fight. The standard gun has unlimited ammo, but the secondary weapon requires reloading once the ammo runs out. You can get more ammo and repair any damage your ship sustains on a 'pad,' which you of course must find first. Although the shareware version includes only 5 weapons and two levels, the registered version (for download here) offers many more weapons and levels, as well as settings that allow you to change just about every aspect of the game. The graphics are inferior to Tappo II, but the fluid action, huge levels, and very well-designed levels more than make up for the lack of graphical detail. The game even includes a level editor you can use to design your own levels in which to blast friends. If you enjoy cavefliers or shoot 'em ups in general, V-Wing is definitely well worth your time. This download is v1.91 registered, which includes gun terrets.
Full Demo 329kb (uploaded by Zak.fi)

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