Battlefield 1 EA Digital Illusions, EA DICE / Electronic Arts Inc. 2016

Another full-fledged installment in one of the most popular series of war shooters played from the first-person view. With its flamboyant title, Battlefield 1 introduces the series to the realities of the First World War. The story campaign depicts this global conflict through the eyes of several independent characters, who participate in twentieth-century's first modern military conflict. When it comes to the gameplay itself, the game reaches back to the roots of the franchise, offering larger, open maps and giving a great deal of freedom when it comes to approaching different objectives. Simultaneously, the single-player mechanics were significantly modified, in order for these to resemble the specifics of the multiplayer mode, which allows even up to 64 players to meet in one session. The new time period does not bring only the adequate weaponry and vehicles (planes, tanks, warships), but also makes it necessary to apply a different approach to combat - for instance, battles have become more brutal and a greater emphasis was placed on melee combat.

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10-Hour Trial Demo (uploaded by Origin)

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