Power Stone 2 [J] Capcom Co., Ltd. 2000

This is the second game in the series, best known on Dreamcast console but also came out in arcade and PC in Far East. This 3D fighter sequel adds heaps of new characters and environments to the already established crew, however there are now 4 players doing battle at a time in both single and multiplayer modes. This time, the top 2 from every round (in other words the two that survive each fight of 4 players) progress to the next round. And after a few rounds, you will battle it out with huge Bosses that take up most of the screen. There are plenty of new power-ups that litter each arena (including guns, hammers, extra power stones and plenty more). You can also hop into a gun turret for extra blasting fun. And of course, the Power Stones are available to use.
DC Screenshots
Korean ISO Demo 430MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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