Prototype Surprise! Productions / Max Design GmbH & Co. 1995

This is a side-scrolling shooter. Controlling a cutting-edge prototype craft, you must save the world from an alien attack. The ship has 4 different, always available, weapon systems. This makes the game a little bit more tactical than other shooters. Some enemies leave energy pills. These pills are necessary to upgrade your weapon systems four times. The game has 5 different (and long) levels, including mountain and forest settings plus another planet. The game boasts excellent multi-parallax scrolling graphics with amazing illusion of depth. One of the game's strengths is that the number and pattern of enemies change from game to game, which give the game an excellent replay value since no two game will be exactly the same. On the downside, the enemies - especially end-level "bosses" - are neither as imaginative or challenging as h-shooter classics. The range of weapons you have is also a bit too limited, with many weapons being just small variations of the standard gun. Still, the excellent production value, smooth animations, and even an outstanding soundtrack (over 30 minutes of original music) makes this old game far above your average shooter. Recommended for action fans, especially those who like graphical details in the scenery. In Prototype, there are no extra lives. You have only one life, but you can always save your game.
Full ISO Demo 299Mb (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
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Full Demo 4MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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