Tanki X AlternativaPlatform 2016

The tank combat MMO Tanki Online receives a spin-off entitled Tanki X based on the game engine Unity3D. It's a multiplayer tank shooter with Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag modes. It builds on the huge success of its predecessor with drastically improved" graphics, physics, and playability. It also features unique weapons such as flamethrowers, railguns, and shotguns. A fast pace and quick respawns are promised without waiting or traveling. A persistent upgrade system allows you to upgrade your tank and alter its appearance. Temporary power-ups will line the battlefield, bringing in a mechanic that modern shooters rarely use. The game itself will have 4 screens, each for a different topic: garage, chat, battle list and start screen. In the battle list, the standard division to servers by numbers and languages will cease to exist, and instead each player will be given a list of all currently-held online battles at their rank. The chat will also not be separate for each server, but divided into chat channels, each with a different topic, so that players can join the topic they are interested in. The garage will have a completely different design, and items will be divided into categories: turrets, hulls, paints and supplies. This- as oppose to the original game, where items are contained in a long list- was done in order to make finding items easier. More categories, such as product kits, are also in plan. During battle, a bar on the top will display the time left and collected battle funds. The supply indicators- the icons that appear above a tank and display the supplies used by the player- will be removed, and instead, the tank's exterior will be changed based on the activated supply. In addition to that, when collecting drop boxes, they break to small pieces before disappearing. The economy is completely different - garage prices are different- dramatically cheaper, especially when it comes for paints. Playing battles gives the player crystals. However, the mechanism for buying crystals has been replaced with online purchases of X-Crystals. These in turn can be used for buying items as well, or directly converted into Crystals. One of the major features is its high level of details and the more realistic-looking environment. All the hulls and turrets have been remade, with a more complex shape and different firing and driving animations. Turrets now have a unique firing animation, and hulls' tread and wheels interact with the terrain rather than remaining a flat plane. Maps also have a much high level of details, which tanks can interact with. In addition to that, the landscape of maps will be much more detailed. Another big feature is the lighting and shadowing. In the original game, shadows casted on and by tanks are just a blurred area with the shape of the tank from the lighting's perspective, but in the new version, shadows will be calculated more accurately. Animations will also be applied on supplies, rather than the standard icon above the tank. Each used supply will result in an animation in a certain part of the tank. For instance, collecting Double Damage will make a diagonal door-like plate on the tank's roof to open, reveal rotating rods. Collecting Speed Boost will make the rear of the tank glow red-hot.
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