Gravon: Real Virtuality Suma, Bohemia Interactive 2013

This military simulator with a large assortment of vehicles originally was released for Atari Falcon in 1995 and later ported to Microsoft Windows in 2013 and packed as a bonus game to Take On Mars. The famous game Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis is considered to be a spiritual successor to Gravon. The game's setting is a planetoid belt. The belt is occupied by enemy NPC's. The player character is a hovercraft pilot who has just completed training and is sent to the belt to fight enemies and fulfill multiple missions. The player character gets promoted after every mission success. When the last mission is finished the outro is seen. The player character and protagonist returns home in a pod with a parachute. The player character lands in an ocean where a helicopter arrives to exfiltrate the character. The player pilots a hovercraft and has to complete tasks in the missions. Possible tasks include finding something, destroying an enemy object, destroying enemy fighters, etc. Missions are set on a large terrain that is procedurally generated. The player can come across mountains, villages, forests, and other terrain features. The game environment also differs on different missions. The player has to fight enemies that try to prevent him from completing the task. Types of enemies include hovercrafts, tanks, helicopters and defense towers.
Full Demo (including Invaze z Aldeberanu) 7.5MB (uploaded by annoyment)
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