Fire in the Goal Wild Planet Studio 2016

Early Access Release Kick-butt weaponry now says hello to soccer. Demonstrate your sportsmanship and bring doom to your opponent on this splendid greenfield. Become one of the most respected animal athletes on this wild planet. Arm yourself with kick-butt weapons and empower yourself with diverse abilities. You can try to score your goal by any means in this world based on fine tuned physics engine. Oh, don't forget to decorate yourself with cool gadgets after winning ; ) Hit the Ball With Your Gun - Ever imagined a soccer match where you blow away the ball using machine-gun? here it comes. Of course you can also blow up your opponent by "accident". A kingdom of animals and no trace of humanity... A dozen of animal athletes to pick up from. they don't just differ in shapes, each of them has mastered their own unique talent. All boring humans had been wiped out in the history of this world, check out the 'Genesis' video to find out what happened. An Arsenal to Find Out - What's your favourite weapon? Is it a pistol, a semi-auto, a rocket launcher or a chainsaw? There's much more than these. Oh and of course most of them are equipped with one extra cool function for you to find out. Abilities? Sure - Faster, higher, stronger, Gear up yourself further, and Ultimate, and Decorations. How can a game be satisfactory without ultimate ability and decorations to collect? Up to 8 player online action with different team size and configurations. Play with your friend and share all the moments. AI Included - Allows you enjoy a full single-player experience versus AI.
Download: None currently available

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