Super Galaxy Squadron EX Synset / New Blood Interactive 2016

2438. Eleven years after the First Ceti War. The United Interstellar Federation and a secluded alien race from Tau Ceti are locked in a tense stalemate. Fourteen of the best pilots in the Federation have been recruited to single handedly win the inevitable second war. This is an expansion/remaster/one-step-from-a-sequel to 2015's Super Galaxy Squadron, and takes the original game's frantic action and modern accessibility to vastly greater heights. New and returning features include: Fourteen ships with unique stats and weapons to suit a variety of playstyles; Six stages of classic shmup action (and savage bosses) in Arcade Mode; An infinite onslaught to satisfy your scoring itch in Endless Mode; A range of difficulty options, from calm and newbie-friendly to basically impossible; Fully voiced cutscenes for the two people looking for a good story; New mechanics like Overdrive that help you kill things and get points even better; A (nearly) complete graphical overhaul; Still a whole lot of explosions (like you were ever worried). Feeling nostalgic, or just want to see what's changed? This includes the original Super Galaxy Squadron, so load up your smaller, slightly less pretty ship for a trip down (one year old) memory lane. In 2017, a final Turbo edition was released with 17 ships, new modes and features. It adds new Overdrive mode and slow-motion called “FOCUS” in game, and referred to by the Steam store page as “Bullet-Hell Time". An infinite onslaught to satisfy your scoring itch in Endless Mode. The supreme timed challenge of Boss Rush Mode.
Download: None currently available

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