MegaRats Red Frizbee Studios / Jam-Live 2016

Defend the city and save Earth. Showcasing some of the latest capabilities, this is a fun filled and carefully crafted mix of fluid physical motion and hilarious Giant Rats. Mixing gameplay aspects of a First Person Shooter with a 3rd Person action adventure game, Mega Rats gives a glimpse of things to come from this developer. Experience Virtual Reality as you explore the landscapes, discover cities, and defend the citizens, with full rigid body character physics in a large open world. Enjoy the ultra smooth feel of character control while immersing yourself in the visceral soundtrack accompanying Mega Rats. Soon it will be Multiplayer! Virtual Reality requires a supported Head Mounted Display (OSVR or SteamVR Compatible), but this can also be played on 3D Televisions and regular 2D monitors.
Download: None currently available

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