Metal Noise Yumoon 2016

This is an extraordinary flight game where operation techniques are not the only ability required for players to pass challenging game levels; players also need come up with tactics on regulating aircraft's attribution and on composing equipment and armor as well. In the game levels, you will meet strange Alien-monsters coming from different stars of the universe. You'll be surprised by their super natural power. There are also challenging BOSS fights where the challenging game level is designed especially for advanced players. If you want to compose equipment but do not have enough components, collecting monster cards would be your top choice, it will tell you which Alien-monster would drop materials that you need. Want to make weapons of mass destruction and strong armors To do so, you have to collect corresponding materials and earn a certain amount of experience. It's uniqueness allows it to stand out among other flight games. The carefully-designed interface will give you an exciting visual impact.
Download: None currently available

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