Dead Rising 4 Capcom 2016

The fourth installment in a series of zombie-themed, third-person action games. The story campaign brings a continuation to the storylines presented in the first installment. The player assumes the role of Frank West (appeared first in the original game) - a photographer trapped in a town overrun by hordes of zombies. During the Christmas period, he has to somehow survive through a period of several days, waiting for help to arrive. The player explores an open game world and completes many story-based missions and side quests focusing mainly on exterminating large numbers of undead. In combat, the player makes use of everything within the protagonist's reach. However, all the weapons get damaged and destroyed relatively fast, which forces the protagonist to experiment all the time - this means building more and more sophisticated weapons. Apart from the story mode, this offers a co-op experience as usual. In this mode, the players face subsequent hordes of zombies side by side.

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Download: None currently available

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