Arkadianax Sumersion Studio 2013

The mix of 2dimension and 3dimension, bring us this very peculiar shoot em up where you have to use the right cannon for each situation. Shoot your way though hordes of enemy ships, tanks, mine fields, wind mills, lazer beams, massive boss fights, planes and trains, all in a multi-dimensional shoot em up like never seen before. As pilot of the ARKADIANAX, face both 2D and 3D enemies blended into a whirlwind of nostalgic and modern gameplay, grab items and upgrade your beastly cannons to take down anything and everything that appears to be in your general shooting direction. Discover a colorful multi-dimensional world that requires your expert knowledge in arcade classics to protect and guard the universe; shoot bullets, bombs and massive fists of fury in this explosive space-age shmup. Features: Single player and local coop campaign - Fight with friends; Password enabled to unlock great features for your ship; Save feature, to make your struggle worth it; Full controller support - Defend from the comfort of your couch; English and spanish language - Viva Nostalgia; More than 30 unique enemies and a lot of big bosses; Original 8 bit inspired music to motivate your journey; Oh so many surprises - there's a decent chance you'll be surprised.
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Full Demo 184MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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