RoboSports VR Babeltime 2016

Early Access Release RoboSports is a vast collection of online multiplayer sports games. The first game, "Crazy Dodgeball", is all about attacking your opponent with an energy ball to score points. Dodge your opponent's throws or go for the catch and land a devastating counter-attack. Play in an arena like no other. Take cover behind dynamic energy barriers, or make a surprise attack through randomly appearing portals. What's more, players can enjoy Crazy Dodgeball outside the arena. Players can use our camera to record and share exciting matches, or relax and listen to any of our tracks with the jukebox feature. Features: Multiplayer Online Battle - Complete with players all over the world; Fast Action Gameplay - Knock your opponent out of the arena and score major points; Fight or Flight? - Do you dodge, or go for the catch? Catching is more challenging but has a higher reward; Portal Sneak Attacks - Use portals to attack your opponent from a surprising angle; Take Cover - Duck behind energy barriers and plan your next move; Camera - Record the excitement to show off later; Jukebox - Enjoy our awesome tracks anytime. Expect more great features from RoboSports in the near future.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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