WarFire D&K Games Studio 2016

This is an adventure shooting game where you as a player will experience a soldier fighting for the glory of the country. In the story, you will play a soldier in the country facing the evil forces of the comprehensive destruction of the time, to destroy them, and in which the sense of honor as a soldier. At the beginning of the story, you will be dispatched to the city to kill terrorists and rescue the hostages, and drive to the desert in the bombing of unmanned aerial vehicles. Features: close to the natural quality. You can find a sense of substitution in the game, allowing you to find the body in the natural quality of pleasure in the battlefield; optimization is very "close to the people", you will not be troubled by the configuration being not enough, it runs smoothly; shooting in a sense of fighting. This will allow you to experience the shooting with realism; wisdom of the enemy AI will not be too "stupid". The game contains 3 single-player campaigns and 4 multiplayer battle maps.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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