Hyperspace Invaders Zero Atomhead 2011

This is based on a collection of minimal game concepts toyed with for years. The main game - Soulgrinder - is a hectic vertical scrolling shooter (or "shmup" if you will) that borrows bits of mechanics from a multitude of games, enough so it can act as a novel game on its own. If you play well enough, you get to unlock two other games which are heavily inspired by classic games such as "Space Invaders" (Retro Mode) - including a Retro 2P Mode - and "Paratrooper" (Space Trooper Mode). The main idea behind all 3 of these was simply to create an addictive virtual interactive environment. All gamemodes are based on a simple control scheme: left and right arrows for movement, and up arrow or spacebar for shooting. The main mode doesn't even require you to push the fire button since it's automatic. Soulgrinder is the most expansive game that actually has seperate levels and 2 end bosses (you'll only get to the 2nd boss if you play well enough). Again, just push left or right for movement, and do absolutely nothing to attract souls. Small souls will increase your multiplier. Gather enough of them and your firepower will also increase. Big souls (as always) trigger a temporarily upgraded firing system. This mode also has so-called "adaptive difficulty". It means that if you get a higher score, the next game will spawn more enemies, keeping the challenge high at all times, but also allowing you to score more points. For every 1000000 points you score, the game will adjust itself. Every time you survive a predetermined number of waves in TRAINING MODE, your ship gets a permanent firing upgrade. This way you will be able to cope with an increasing amount of invaders. The more Training levels you complete, the more points you will get for defeating a boss in Normal mode. Retro mode is an "infinite runner" game (which means the game gets harder over time but if you play well enough, you'll be able to survive longer and score more points). It plays very much like the original 1978 Space Invaders game, but has an added combo mechanic. Shooting an alien gets you points and a multiplier. Miss a shot and your multiplier will be diminished by 1/5th. Shoot a UFO and catch that big blue soul for a temporary firing upgrade. The upgrade's effect lasts longer and becomes more efficient as you get further into the game. The more multipliers you have, the faster UFO's will appear. Newly added: a 2 player hot-seat co-op mode. You can unlock these by scoring high in Soulgrinder. Space Trooper is basically a remake of the 1984 game "Paratrooper" with some twists. Left and right buttons adjust your shooting angle, fire button fires (surprise!). Much like in Retro mode, missing a shot will diminish your multiplier count by 1, so accuracy is rewarded. Don't let more than 3 aliens land on either side of your hyperspaceship. This game is unlocked when you reach a certain highscore in 1P RETRO MODE.
Full Demo 78MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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