End Of The Mine Skirmish Entertainment 2016

This is a 2D sidescrolling platformer that features a unique art style and draws inspiration from the horror and sci-fi genres. Tempered by an abundance of slapstick humor, monstrous enemies and bosses, and lovable characters, End of the Mine is sure to offer a one of a kind experience. You are a miner on a distant planet excavating valuable resources. After a night of relaxing with your fellow miners, you awake to find them gone and the colony you call home deserted. With only your faithful companion Camm-E to help, you must venture into the mines of this now deserted planet in search of your friends - and answers. But even as you look down into the darkness of the mine, you can't help but wonder - do you have what it takes to reach the End of the Mine? You are The Miner, a man on a mission to find his friends and the truth. Run, dash, jump, and hover your way through the planet using a keyboard/mouse or a controller. Explore 5 challenging areas with multiple levels and 6 unique environments. Blast your way through the mine with over 8 powerful weapons and upgrade them for new features and even more destructive power. The Mine is home to more than just resources. Face off against more than 30 distinct enemies and 16 epic boss battles designed to challenge your skills and reflexes. Utilize The Miner's jetpack for versatile movement options, including boosting and hovering. The robotic Camm-E has multiple functions that can aid The Miner in his journey - see if you can discover them all. It features original music and sounds by the talented Ian Bailey. Watch visually stunning cinematics in End of the Mine's distinct art style.
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