VR Fun World ToxicBrain 2016

This includes 16 mini-games. Some of which are about shooting targets, others require physical interactions e.g throwing, hitting or collecting items. Besides the Steam leaderboard, a local highscore for each game keeps the competition fierce at your next game night. Please note: it only supports the HTC Vive VR Headset at this time. Features: 4 main islands and some smaller ones waiting to be explored; 16 fun and challenging mini-games; Shooting and other physical interactions, e.g. collecting, hitting and throwing; Local highscore to keep the competition going even when you are offline; Steam leaderboard so you can see how you rack up against other fellow VR gamers; Achievements that keep you coming back for more; Haptic feedback. GAMES: Training - Some targets to practice on; Explosives Range - Try to hit enemies with explosives, the more the better; Bottle Drop - Shoot down the bottles flying towards you; Self Defense 101 - Brace yourself, they are coming for you... (180 degrees); The Sorting Pipe - Control the pipes to match the balls with their baskets; Desert Walk - Take the scenic route, shoot some targets, have a blast; A Growing Concern - Shoot down balls that keep growing larger in size, the smaller the ball when you shoot it, the more points you get; Catch the Ball - Collect as many balls with your pans as you can before the timer runs out; Bird Hunt - Throw balls at birds, seriously, it's a lot of fun; Pumpkin Basher - Hit the pumpkin with your bat as hard as you can; Chess Birds - Shoot as many birds as you can, but beware, they are coming from all angles. (360 degrees); Avoidance Training: Avoid the obstacles and collect coins; Stream Picker - Pick the valuable balls from the streams and avoid the bad ones; Graveyard Shift - The monsters are back! This time they are coming from all sides. (360 degrees); Safehouse - People are fleeing to the safehouse. Make sure not to let any mosters get by! (360 degrees); Bottle Range - Shoot all bottles as fast as you can.
Download: None currently available

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