Nock: Hidden Arrow CodeBison Games 2016

Early Access Release This is a stealth archery dungeon crawl that eschews the resource-management elements you'd normally see in a dungeon crawl in favor of focusing on an immersive dungeon delving experience. The entire focus is on action and theme. I'm aiming to have minimal (ultimately no) UI, with all necessary information received through visual and audio cues, and physical feedback. Core gameplay will consist of: Sneaking around to avoid detection; Luring monsters into more advantageous positions (eg alone) so you can happily murder them or slip past them unseen; Shooting stuff in the face; Avoiding traps; "Accidentally" setting off traps while monsters are in unfortunate positions; Throwing stuff; Not seeing that trap in time and getting to start over in a fresh new body; Solving classic dungeon puzzles. Some stuff that's planned for further down the road (in no particular order, may or may not happen): Multiple arrow types - Things like stun, knockback, flaming, blinding, charming, time slow/stop, snare, manyshot, ricochet; Alternate game modes - Sometimes you don't want to sneak around. You just want to shoot stuff in the face; New types of interactions - climbing, flight, maybe swimming?
Download: None currently available

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