Paintball 707 Lotte|EoD / Agger Interactive 2016

This is a first person shooter sports game for single- and multiplayer games. Target is to mark the players of the opposite team and capture flags. Features: 2 teams - green and red; 5 different scenes - Airfield, Arena, Hangar, Warehouse, Woods; 8 different imaginary paintball markers - M-16 w/scope, M-1928, M-870, M-79, MAC-10, STG-44, Victor 2, XVC-1; some addons like Paintball 'Molotov' and smoke grenades; 3 gimmicks in singleplayer like speed multiplier (x2), gravity (zero gravity) and slowmotion. Multiplayer via Photon cloud so everyone can create MP-rooms fast and easy (no servers required, just an internet connection). Paintball is a sports game and there's no violence at all. Marked players won't die but lay on the ground to show they're hit. The game is 100% indie and was made by just one person. The first paintball game in 1981 was played in Henniker, New Hampshire (USA) with a Nel-Spot 707. So the idea for the title was born. 707 also has a nice sideffect. Just turn it around :)
Download: None currently available

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