Magical Cannon Girl KIT Station 2007

This is a vertical shooter which features decent 3D graphics. Your character has a very basic shot which can be upgraded by collecting red gems, though bosses do take a while to beat especially when your weapons are only capable of inflicting minimal damage. A life gauge indicates her current health, and the number of hits an enemy can take before going down is shown with a counter that appears every time a bullet connects. Hold the Z key to shoot, and tap the S key to absorb coins or collectibles. The X and A keys can be used to turn your character around. The special beam will begin to charge when the S key is depressed for a prolonged period. Can be rather taxing to play at times due to the ineffectiveness of power-up items. The game is also slightly buggy when all options are turned on.
included in Magical Cannon Girl 2-in-1 - Full Demo 65MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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