Dungeon of Terror Jim Ball 1996

This is a shareware game made with Game Creation System's Pie In The Sky engine. The date is October 25, 1925. In the story, there are two plots. 1) Your dream castle home has turned into a living nightmare as you must struggle to vanquish the evil forces contaminating your happy home of your ancestors' castle in England for over 700 years. 2) You must stop a new society of men calling themselves Blue Soldiers, for they are turning your new home into a place to sell and hide beer and wine as they make money on Prohibition in U. S. in Chicago. 3) On this quest you will be presented with other mysteries, find out what happened to a lady that vanished back in 1907 on June 17, at precisely 4:28PM. You are plunged into a nightmare. A heavy sense of evil fills the very castle itself. Your quest must ultimately lead to other worlds beyond our reality. TO THE DARK SIDE, AND MAYBE TO HELL ITSELF! This is a 3D Halloween adventure horror game. Wolfenstein style 3D adventure of haunted castle game in the 1920s with 1920's music of ragtime age.
Full Demo 4MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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