Unspoken, The Insomniac Games 2016

An online action game focused on PvP competition, developed with virtual reality in mind. From the creators of Sunset Overdrive, Fuse, and the Ratchet & Clank series, among other things. It's set in a world that bears resemblance to the present with the only difference being that magic exists, and it's incredibly spectacular. The players assume the role of mages who fight each other in one on one fights organized by an ancient order. Combat takes place on special arenas and is conducted according to strict honor rules. The action is observed from the character's eyes, while spells are cast by making gestures. In the game, we can make use of 25 spells. Among them, we can find classical fireballs, magic barriers, summoning monsters, and environment manipulation. It was built from scratch with virtual reality in mind and therefore cannot be played on a regular screen. It comes bundled along with VR Sports Challenge in all Oculus Rift Touch pre-orders.
Download: None currently available

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