ROM: Extraction First Contact Entertainment 2016

Enter a world where you can bend the laws of time. You play as a member of an Orb Extraction Unit in the year 2076, on your way to extract alien eggs from chambers on the moon. Your dropship is being prepared for launch, giving you just a few minutes to defend yourself against an onslaught of attacking extraterrestrial-bots who are protecting these chambers. Your suit is fitted with an Orb dispenser which you use to spawn Orbs in your hand, and then throw at the extraterrestrial-bots. You are also holding a direct energy pistol which is VERY useful when igniting Orbs for strategic kills. In addition, the pistol contains advanced technology called "Reflex", which allows you to slow time. Throw, Slow & Shoot to take down enemies in the most strategic way. With one hand, spawn Orbs and launch them at the extraterrestrial-bots, while using the Reflex to slow down time for short bursts. With time slowed down, aim your direct energy pistol and ignite your launched Orbs in proximity of the bots for the most strategic kills. Discover the most strategic ways to "Throw, Slow & Shoot" to trigger one hell of an extraterrestrial-bot-pocalypse. It's up to you to bend the laws of time...and get out of there alive. Engage in an exciting new style of VR gameplay - wield the power to slow down time, and use it as a weapon. Launch Orbs, slow down time with Reflex, and shoot Orbs in proximity of the extraterrestrial-bots for insanely satisfying, insanely explosive kills. Three modes of play: Normal - Hard - Survive. Leaderboards: See how you stack up against your local and global Extractors. Achievements: Earn up to 15 different Steam Achievements. Cooperative social screen feature: Play in a room with others in real-time, let your friends see a top-down view so they can "egg" you on. Featuring the theme song "First Contact" by Twin Moons (aka Le Castle Vania). Expanding the ROM universe through future DLC: More modes of play, Different levels, Co-op multiplayer, Character skins (multiplayer), Enemies with new attributes, Power-ups and orbs with special properties.
Download: None currently available

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