Yakouga Artesneit 2005

This is the first chapter in a series of very special Japanese shooter. The technical part is made with extreme care, the game demonstrates excellently made and finished both as regards the animations both as a graphics engine, fast and fluid. The gameplay is amazing, hundreds of objects on the screen without the slightest slowdown make a horizontal scrolling shooter averagely difficult to tame but not impossible. The theme of the game is the strong point, this could be defined as an organic shooter. Nothing but spaceships strange enemies, with vaguely human forms but changed into something that the human being has only the memory. A new vision, typically Japanese, to see the aliens as pieces of bodies, male and female, or otherwise apparatuses half human and half cybernetic. Do not miss the end-level monsters, even these very original and beautifully designed. The style of this game for some may be annoying, halfway between manga and horror. But if you love the originality and a hard but addictive gameplay you might appreciate this Japanese freeware production. The game runs perfectly under windows, in fullscreen, and is playable with both the pad and the keyboard. There is also the second chapter also freeware which will be reviewed soon on these digital pages. Meanwhile enjoy the first, which in my opinion deserves to be tried.
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Full Demo 4MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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