Yakouga 2 Artesneit 2006

This is a beautiful and visionary shooter that takes us into a world of demons and creatures in a bloody ultimate fighting side-scrolling game. If you have tried the first chapter, you groped your personal descent to hell. This episode will test your reflexes and your skill. I strongly suggest you play at the level easy, because already at normal level of hell will come within you and life here, as in reality, will be only one. We will meet strange and cursed enemies, a mix of alien bodies and female bodies. The embrace of the two protagonists is damn sexy but you can also choose between two male warriors in the home screen. As in the first episode of the graphic layout is exceptional with many objects on screen and no slowdown. Even the background animations and color changes are remarkable as well as the sprites of enemies beings. The keys can be configured with the arrow keys for movement and two others to shoot and increase our speed of action. Collecting the green power ups issued by the enemies we can increase our resistance to attacks by increasing the time during which we will be invulnerable increasing reads as the named HP bar. A weird and wonderful game that is worth a try, as the previous chapter.
Free Game 2MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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