Impetuth O-Games 2008

This is a world where the inhabitants of the spiritual, demonic, and human worlds kept their lives in equilibrium... In this world lived a young man named Els. He traveled throughout the world in a quest to train his sword arm. After a three year journey, Els finally returns back to his homeland. However, the once familiar places of his home are gone or in ruins. As he stood in shock, Els heard voices- the voices of spirits. These voices tell him that the balance between the worlds was broken and led demons invading the human world. It was during one of these raids by demons that his childhood friend Princess Freesia was kidnapped. Els resolved to rescue the Princess and to bring order back into his world. This doujin game is a simple arcade style with catchy 16 bit visual which was released at Comiket 75. All soundtracks were composed by Shinji Hosoe, who previously worked on many Namco games such as Dragon Spirit and Ridge Racer. In a RPG themed game player will be challenged to rescue a princess and protect people from dark forces. While it’s not very long with 5 stages, it bring back the goodness of old-school games. It has similar gameplay mechanic to Undead Line, a classic vertical shooting game from T&ESOFT released in Japan for MSX-2, Sharp X68k & SEGA Megadrive. Player control Els the Knight and shoot projectiles at enemy monsters. Impetuth looks to offer a bit of variety with its emphasis on tilt controls, pattern memorization, and precision. Chest with power-ups are scattered throughout the levels and only revealed after being hit by player's weapon. Each weapon can be upgraded up to three levels, but player will lose their upgrades when change weapons. Since there are many weapons inside the treasure chest, select the best is also an important part of strategy. By saving knights or civilian, player will boost their defense and firepower. Whenever player get the POW bonus (3 upgrade levels) while the weapon is the third upgrade, their allies's health will recover.
Full Demo 37MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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