Alien Ambush Starlight Company / SGN 1997

At different times, on different platforms came out dozens of games like Space Invaders, and it is difficult to stand out on their background and to come up with something new. This is an arcade conversion of 1981's Astro Blaster by Sega with only one type of weapon and no bonuses, but the features in the game are still there. So, our spaceship shoots wave after wave of aliens, and its movement is limited to the bottom of the screen. There's a wide variety of enemies in various shapes and sizes . Aliens in different waves are flying not only from the top side of the screen, but can move in zigzags, and diagonally, trying to board our ship. But the main difficulty is that the developers have come up with the scale of fuel, and it decreases with catastrophic speed. After the destruction of the two waves of alien attacks comes on top of some asteroids, and only then a tanker, which you need to dock with (in this case, the ship is separated from the bottom of the screen). In order not to lose life due to complete loss of fuel, there is one way out - as soon as possible kill enemies in time to refuel. Readout of the waves in the game is not conducted; in the upper left corner of the screen it shows the score of points shown on the scale and the number of remaining enemies. Spare the lives of all three. Judging by the seven-digit number for the points (for example - the destruction of the first wave brings 2000) levels in the game are a lot, but to pass them all is problematic. The graphics are pretty decent and the whole game is accompanied by cheerful music. It can be recommended to fans of challenging games of this genre. It is quite fun gameplay, plus - you want to know what enemies will be presented by the developers in the next wave.
Full Demo 724kb (uploaded by

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